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Axle and Spindle Repair

United Axle of New Mexico offers Axle Repair, and Spindle Replacement Services throughout New Mexico


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Axle and Spindle Repair and Replacement

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Mobile service for Albuquerque and surrounding areas

United Axle Services for New Mexico

Providing Installation, and repair for United Axle Spindles.

Patented Threaded End
Easily Removed and Replaced
Made for Larger Vehicles

Semi Trucks, Buses, Commercial Trucks, Dump Trucks, Concrete Trucks, Etc

Axle Spindle Repair Replacement for New Mexico

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“For years when people would get spindle replacement repairs the only names in the industry were Axle Surgeon, or Axle Doctor”

We would like to introduce United Axle of New Mexico with our revolutionized replaceable spindle design!”

616 Coso Ave Se Albuquerque NM 87105
Call Us For Service 505-738-4151